Meticulously crafted from concept to stage design, Stellar Show promises a multi-sensory journey with state-of-the-art technologies for visitors to Ba Na this June. For the first time, a top-tier artistic performance will grace Sun World Ba Na Hills, featuring leading world stars in various art forms and technical mastery, all boasting prestigious international accolades.

The Stellar – a world-class show will debut in Vietnam for the first time. (Photo: Sun Group)

Renowned stars will come together to form a "constellation," creating a "solar system" that illuminates Ba Na Hills in this show. They have been meticulously selected, entrusted to deliver intricately crafted performances that blend intellectual prowess with technological elements. The masterful skills honed over years of rigorous training by these artists are the core value of "The Stellar Show." Headlining the stellar cast is the Voronin duo: Maestro Voronin, a comedic magician dubbed the "David Copperfield" of his generation, and his son Maxim Voronin, already a world-renowned circus artist, magician and director in his own right. Joining them is Lena Koehn, a star from the prestigious Cirque du Soleil.

The show will further boast the talents of Anastasiia Popsulys, Europe's leading contortionist and a rising star in the global circus scene; Oleg Izossimov, a master of body balancing with numerous world records; Olga Moreva, the queen of silk dancing; and the Crystal Ladies, twin stars who garnered global fame on "The Ellen Show."

The world-class show features top global stars. (Photo: Sun Group)

"The Stellar" will bring an extraordinary journey of elite global art and entertainment for Vietnamese audiences for the first time. Creative Director Mai elaborated: "The inspiration for creating a special show like 'The Stellar Show' at Ba Na comes from the 'rarer than a total solar eclipse' convergence of top stars in circus, magic and puppetry, all gracing the same stage. This is an opportunity for Sun World Ba Na Hills to present visitors with world-class performances which are seldom seen, even by international travelers. Furthermore, the unique gathering of these artists marks a milestone, establishing Sun World Ba Na Hills as an international stage for elite global artists, and positioning Da Nang as a destination for world-class cultural and artistic excellence.”

Multi-sensory, multi-emotional show

"The Stellar" is a "multi-sensory" show, offering a journey of diverse experiences and emotions with cutting-edge technologies available only at the 4D Moonlight Intersection Theatre in Ba Na Hills. Each audience member will be transformed into a character embarking on a journey through the galaxy where the "stars" will guide them through a myriad of emotional highs and lows.

With a limited capacity of fewer than 300 guests per performance, "The Stellar" aims to provide unique experiences exclusive to Sun World Ba Na Hills. This special show will be part of an entire day filled with captivating experiences for the lucky visitors who secure tickets.

Located in the Moon Castle, the 4D theater will offer a “multi-sensory” experience to visitors. (Photo: Sun Group)

In addition to "The Stellar Show", visitors to Ba Na Hills this summer will immerse themselves in a vibrant and exciting atmosphere with a series of grand performances bursting with festival colors, such as "WOW Kingdom" - a realm of fascinating surprises; "Fairy Blossom" - the largest show with nearly 300 circus artists, dancers and performers; or the "Rainbow Show" - a special art event catering to the LGBT community, offering a chic experience with lively disco music and glamorous costumes inspired by Hollywood movies.

Beyond the summer show series, Ba Na Hills will delight visitors with a Fairy Tale Parade, a Busking Show where guests can interact with artists through circus acts, cosplay, magic and singing performances, and the Soloist Stage where artists give their all in solo performances that have made them famous on the global art scene.

Ba Na Hills treats visitors to Da Nang to exciting summer show series. (Photo: Sun Group)

Great news for nationwide visitors: this summer festival season, Sun World Ba Na Hills is offering unprecedented discounts of up to 40% on cable car tickets and combo packages that include a cable car ride and lunch buffet.

With unbeatable prices, a series of world-class shows running from morning to night, and a captivating world of multi-sensory experiences, Sun World Ba Na Hills continues to cement its position as the premier festival capital, making Da Nang the hottest destination in Central Vietnam this summer.

Source: VNA