As winter is making its way down to the land, wild sunflowers have started blossoming throughout Moc Chau plateau together with barbarea and poinsettias, turning the plateau into a picturesque and attractive beauty.

Brimming with vitality
These days, wild sunflowers are blossoming along National Road 6, running across hills of green tea and paths to hamlets in Moc Chau plateau, forming a romantic scene.
Sun flowers along the path to Thong Cuong and Ba Phach hamlets
Dreamlike fence of wild sunflowers
Wild sunflowers in the early morning, the most suitable moment to admire the flowers as the fog has just cleared and the sunlight has started flushing down the land.
Romantic path filled with wild sunflowers, luring any travelers
Just as its name, the flower is wild and beautiful in the splendid yellow color, fluttering in the breezes, making it a special feature of Moc Chau plateau.
Wild sunflowers bloom in two weeks when the fall starts to fade and winter is just coming.
It is also the time for travelers to make their way to the land to admire the flowers. Road-trippers may take a coach to Moc Chau townlet, then, hire a bike ride around to admire the beauty of the nature.

Source: Vnexpress

Translated by Huu Duong