Located about a four-hour drive from Hanoi, Fansipan is an ideal destination for visitors during the upcoming holiday. In addition, visitors can take a sleeper bus to the center of Sapa at the cost of only VND 250,000.

The 2024 Fansipan Rose Festival will take place from April 27.

From the center of Sapa, it takes them about 10 minutes to get to the cable car station of the Sun World Fansipan Legend. From the inside of the cable car, visitors feel like they are gliding between thick white clouds and passing through the Hoang Lien Son range with blooming rhododendron flowers. Attentively, on this occasion, the price of cable car tickets to explore Fansipan for groups of students across the country is discounted to VND 400,000 per person.

Sa Pa is also a resort destination with plenty of room options from affordable to luxurious. Notably, visitors can stay at the Hotel de la Coupole Mgallery Sapa, a 5-star hotel in the center of the town, which is compared to the Palace of Versaille. Visitors should book in advance to have an opportunity to experience it.

The rose parade is a part of the Fansipan Rose Festival.

Moreover, the Sun World Fansipan Legend will open the 2024 Fansipan Rose Festival from April 27 to the end of June. Over the past years, the rose festival has become a unique "brand" of the foggy town.

This year, the rose valley boasts an area of up to 50,000 square meters and consists of more than 300,000 roses crossbred from over 150 varieties in Sapa, Vietnam, and around the world. Apart from taking photos with flowers, visitors will have a chance to join the rose parade from the Sun World Fansipan Legend to the center of Sapa town and enjoy artistic performances featuring the culture of people in the Northwestern region, including the wedding ceremonies of the H’mong, Dao, Tay, Giay, Xa Pho ethnic people, to name but a few.

Rhododendron flowers in full bloom on the top of Fansipan

On the sidelines of the festival, the organizing panel will carry out various experience activities for tourists throughout the summer, such as The Big Wedding – a group wedding event for many couples, Wine & Food Week, composition camp, musical instrument performances, and many other exciting activities.

April and May are also the times for rhododendron flowers in full bloom over the mountain slopes of Hoang Lien Son range. Visitors can take the cable car to admire the forests of colorful rhododendron flowers or go for a stroll along the road in Kim Son Bao Thang temple to see with their own eyes hundreds-of-year-old rhododendron trees.

Cultural activities in May Village

If coming to Fansipan on April 30, visitors can participate in the flag-raising ceremony to celebrate the Southern Liberation and National Reunification Day. The image of the red flag with a yellow star in the center fluttering in the wind on the peak of Fansipan - "the Roof of Indochina” contributes to arousing patriotism and national pride of Vietnamese people.

Source: VnExpress

Translated by Quynh Oanh