The area is thinly populated and few vehicles pass by, leaving visitors alone to enjoy absolute quiet. Locals here lead a peaceful life. Every day, they drive their boats to catch fish in the lake then sell them to faraway markets. 

 Sunset on the Tri An Lake. (Photo: Vietnamnews)

The lake is in area with islands of various sizes. Besides concreted dykes and dams, the lake has other places suitable for picnics and camping. 

Natural beauty 

Elegant and quiet as a countryside lake, Tri An transcends its man-made status by being “an evergreen mirror in which the golden sun is reflected.” The whole area is full of the sun, the sky and the wind. Visitors can always see the wind making the water’s surface dance while clouds lazily flowing above head. 

The lake’s highlights include Dong Truong Island (22ha) and O Island (2.1ha) in Vinh An town, Vinh Cuu district, Dong Nai province. Imagine a typical summer Southern morning all year round: Dong Truong Island and O Island make for a green and relaxing area where you can set up a picnic and campfire. On the islands, the extraordinary quiet lets you focus on the mountain range lying in the distant legendary Nam Cat Tien National Park. 

The essential experience here is spending the night. Visitors can hire a boat, lying inside and let the current take them without thinking; the boat will float in tune with the water in the moonlight in a breezy night. 

The locals are quite easy-going. If visitors are well-behaved and care for environmental protection, doing no damage to the lake and trees, they will be very welcoming and helpful. 

It is said that backpackers and tourists came here and saw a low-water area revealing a vast area of rocks and stones which created fences embracing some ponds of water. They called the pristine spot "Rocky Stream”. Rocks and stones of dark colours are run over each other, making the ponds of green water stand out. 

Specialty food 

Visitors should supply their own food and water on their camping trips to Dong Truong – O Islands. However, do not forget that the lake offers plenty of fresh fish. In the rainy season, the water runs down from the upstream of Dong Nai River, and Tri An Lake supply hits its peak. 

The specialty of the lake is lang (Hemibagrus) fish. The fresh and oily lake fish may weight several kilograms. They can be used to serve as lang fish sour soup, crispy fried lang fish, grilled lang fish with salt and chili, or lang fish hotpot.

Source: VNA