Fletcher spent 9 days discovering the diverse cuisine of various regions in Vietnam together with photographer Thanh Huynh.

She said riding a scooter through the streets of Hanoi in Vietnam is one of those things she's always wanted to do but was too afraid to attempt.

Lan Ha Bay in Quang Ninh

"To be anonymous, another helmeted figure in the middle of a million little dramas and comedies happening on a million bikes moving through this amazing city – every second is pure joy,” she wrote, and highlighted hopping on a Vespa as the first in the most outstanding experiences in her trip. On her first night in Ho Chi Minh City, she climbed on the back of a scooter and headed into the city center to taste the diverse flavors of the market, like a Chinese roasted duck and a French baguette.

A tour of Ho Chi Minh City on vespa

The second one is to go deep into the Mekong Delta. Fletcher entered Ben Tre province and island-hopped on a small-boat tour in the Mekong Delta, which included a stop at an artisan workshop and lunch with a local farming family.

Taking the slow train to Hue is another outstanding experience. The writer described the rail journey to Hue as among the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. Visitors could enjoy coastal and rural views and buy snacks from vendors who hop on along the way.

In Ben Tre province

The next one is to spend the day and night on Lan Ha Bay. Fletcher said she cruised the glorious waters in the less-touristy area of Lan Ha Bay and took in stunning scenery. She then kayaked into a sea cave and sipped cocktails while the sun set.

And on the last night, she decided to dine with a Hanoian family and savored some Cha ca, a freshwater fish marinated in a slew of fragrant spices that's a specialty of the city, which is an outstanding experience for her.

Source: VNA