The festival brought together local leading creativity teams, artists and craftsmen, as well as troupes from Japan’s Hokkaido, China’s Guangxi, Laos, Thailand, and Europe. The stage combined elements both on the shore and on the sea, with hundreds of vessels participating.

At the ceremony to kick off Ha Long Carnival Festival 2024 in Ha Long city. (Photo:

A highlight of the carnival was the drone light displays, featuring illuminated models combined with fireworks displays, LED technology, sound, and light, among others.

Together with the Ha Long Carnaval, other festive, sports, cultural, and tourism events are held as parts of the Ha Long tourism week 2024, including the opening of a culinary pedestrian street in Bai Chay ward, a sports tournament, a festival of beer and the province’s famous Cha Muc (fried squid patties), as well as lion-dragon dance, modern dance, and kite festivals.

Source: VNA