In the past, tourists had to follow a small path going through the mountain to reach the cave. The area was quite isolated and few people knew how to find the cave. But after a tunnel through the mountain was constructed by the Ninh Binh provincial authorities, tourists can now find the cave much easier. 

Am Tien Cave is located in a valley surrounded by majestic mountains where a pagoda of the same name was constructed years ago. In the middle of the valley stands a magnificent lake. The main entrance to Am Tien Cave was built in an ancient architecture style with a two-story tile roof and an arch-shaped entrance. To go to the pagoda and the lake, visitors have to climb along dozens of stone steps covered with beautiful ancient moss. The path to the cave looks mysterious to visitors, as it is covered with ancient trees.

Am Tien Cave is a fantastic destination for those who look for peace, solitude, and relaxation.

Located more than 500 m above sea level, Am Tien Cave has cool weather all year around and is seen as a gift of mother nature. Most of the area in the cave is flooded with water and surrounded by rocky cliffs. The lake in the middle of the valley is so crystal-clear that tourists can see the lake bed from the surface.

As the story goes, under the Dinh dynasty, the cave was used as a place to raise tigers and crocodiles used to punish and execute inmates. Under King Le Dai Hanh, it was to detain Chinese prisoners of war under the Song dynasty. After King Ly Thai relocated the old capital from Hoa Lu to Thang Long (Hanoi now), local people cleaned up the area and turned it into a spiritual place which gradually became a place of worship for Buddhism followers. 

Am Tien Cave is known as “Tuyet Tinh Coc” and the name might have been inspired by a beautiful but sad love story in the area. It was said that the story was about Queen Duong Van Nga who led a religious life at the end of her life.

In spite of being known by different names, Am Tien Cave is attractive to tourists from near and far with its beauty and peaceful atmosphere. It’s a perfect location for tourists to escape the bustling activities of the outside world.

Translated by Tran Hoai