The destination is known for its pristine beauty, quietness, and poetic natural scenery with the combination of traditional cultural values of the Dao ethnic minority group.

It is brightly colorful as many kinds of flowers are in full bloom, especially with climbing roses, along two sides of streets in every season in the hamlet.

A peaceful scene in Si Thau Chau hamlet

To get to Si Thau Chai, people can ride motorbikes by themselves or catch a motorbike taxi when they arrive in Tam Duong town in Tam Duong district. Roads to the hamlet really challenge riding skills with a number of high slopes and sharp turns.

Right after arriving at the hamlet, tourists will feel at ease as they inhale the flavor of climbing roses. They can go by bare foot on the main road paved with natural stones through Si Thau Chai.

The local Dao community still lives in traditional houses made of wood and bamboo with thatched roofs located amid large peach gardens. Visiting the hamlet in spring, visitors can feel they are lost in a “sea of clouds” of peach blossoms in the pink color.

People can only travel to Si Thau Chai by road, but in the fine weather, they are able to leave the “kingdom of rose” by air. Exactly! They will glide. The hamlet has a paragliding spot. Tourists who want to have an aerial view of Si Thau Chai’s striking landscapes could register to fly with pilots and land in Tam Duong town.

Translated by Van Hieu