It is true. When visiting this mountainous Northwestern province, you can understand the real values of the mountains and forests in this province.

However, Son La province is famous not only for its vast forests and high mountainous, the Moc Chau Plateau and tea hills, but also for its murmuring streams, spectacular waterfalls, and beautiful and clean lakes.

Travelling to Son La, tourists cannot miss the Son La Prison Historical Relic which showcases war remnants and the peach tree planted by To Hieu, a heroic revolutionary who was imprisoned at the prison by French colonialists.

The peach tree is now a spotlight of the Son La Prison Historical Relic and remains a symbol of the indomitable spirit of the Vietnamese communists. In spite of being imprisoned and tortured by the enemy, he planted the tree with a hope of a bright future of the Vietnamese revolution.

Here are some photos of the beauty of the mountainous province.

Tourists visiting the peach tree in Son La Prison Historical Relic in Son La city
A lake hiding itself in a forest of pine trees in Ang village, Moc Chau district’s Dong Sang commune
Young visitors interested in posing for photos at the foot of Dai Yem waterfall in Muong Sang commune

Translated by Tran Hoai