According to tour guide Tu Nhi, whose skin is suntanned because of many trips to the island and whose eyes shine with pride when talking about this "green pearl," Cu Lao Cham Island this season is very beautiful because of the golden sun and calm sea. The beauty is also reflected in the hospitality of local people, the clear blue beaches and the rich local products. For many years now, this place has said no to plastic bags. Therefore, visitors while boarding canoes to the island are provided with bags made from environmental protection materials. This shows the strong commitment of the local government and people to living in harmony with nature.

Scuba diving to see coral service of Cu Lao Cham attracts lots of visitors.

Apart from visiting the ancient well of the Cham people, the firmiana simplex heritage tree, swimming at Xep beach, tourists are advised to scuba dive to see corals on Dai islet.

For those who have never dived before, all activities and gestures in the water must be done carefully and safely. It is not possible to talk underwater, so all communication with the trainer must be performed by hand. For example, pointing finger down when you want to dive to the bottom of the sea. When you feel uncomfortable, point the finger up and when everything is safe, give the "Ok" sign.

Under the guidance of coaches, including coach Van Phuoc, visitors can confidently go to the depths of the sea, touch the colorful coral reefs by themselves, and watch each school of fish swimming around. The sea here is clean and clear, making many aquatic species come to life.

As a son of Quang Nam province, Van Phuoc is always proud of his hometown which welcomes visitors from all over world to gain experience. Each day, Phuoc stays underwater for about seven hours to guide dozens of visitors on scuba diving. It is really a hard work.

Phuoc said that many visitors are initially uneasy about the ticket price of VND 800,000 for 20 minutes of diving. However, after experiencing the service, most of them felt satisfied and wanted to continue to scuba dive to see the corals when they return to Cu Lao Cham Island.

“Scuba diving to watch corals is a unique experience, but visitors need to strictly follow the regulations because the water environment is always potentially dangerous. Therefore, before diving, we usually spend 3 to 5 minutes to guide them. Absolute safety is our No.1 principle,” said Phuoc.

Stories with Tu Nhi and Van Phuoc have revealed the great benefits that Cu Lao Cham Island brings to people in Quang Nam province. The island not only has tourist products and seafood, but also annually provides a large amount of salangane’s nests to the market.

In the orientation to develop Hoi An into an ecological, cultural and tourist city, the Standing Board of the Quang Nam provincial Party Committee has identified the Cu Lao Cham World Biosphere Reserve as an important nucleus. With the great efforts of the local authorities and people, Cu Lao Cham Island hopefully will remain a "green pearl" forever in the eyes of visitors.

Translated by Mai Huong