Con Co island is located about 30km from Cua Viet port, Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province, also known as Hon Co, Con Ho, or Hon Me.

Con Co Island holds an important strategic position near the Southern gateway of the Gulf of Tonkin.

Con Co Island holds an important strategic position near the Southern gateway of the Gulf of Tonkin. During the wartime, Con Co was considered the “magic eye” and the “forward lookout” of the North.

Besides, Con Co Island has geo-economic advantages, thanks to its close location to the mainland and to high sea, convenient for the development of sea-based economy, as well as maritime transport and tourism activities in the Cua Tung - Cua Viet - Con Co triangle.

With an area of about 2.3km2, of which more than 70% is primeval forests, Con Co Island is one of the few places in Vietnam that still has a three-layer tropical forest ecosystem. Therefore, this is the must-visit place for tourists to enjoy fresh air and explore the flora and fauna on the island.

In addition to natural beauty, Con Co Island also has many historical relic sites. the Hall-of-fame of Con Co island district is where visitors can get to know more about natural resources, products as well as development potential of the island.

Besides, images and artifacts on display at the house feature the heroic traditions of Con Co troops and people during the cause of national protection.

National flagpole on Con Co Island

The flagpole on the island is 38.8m high with a 24m2 national flag. This is an ideal check-in point for many tourists when coming to this island, showing the national pride and their gratitude to soldiers on duty on the island to safeguard the national sovereignty over sea and islands.

Hill 37 memorial monument is built to pay tribute to fallen soldiers who laid down their lives for the cause of protecting national sovereignty over sea and islands.

Con Co lighthouse helps ships to safely operate at sea. During the day, this is a tourist attraction that draws many visitors.

With the goal of making tourism a key economic sector, in 2024, Con Co local authorities and people plan to welcome about 9,500-10,000 tourists, with the revenue of about VND 15 billion.

Con Co port

To reach that goal, the Con Co island district People’s Committee focuses on building plans and luring investment for tourism infrastructure, upgrading historical relic sites, while submitting to the People’s Committee of Quang Tri province to approve infrastructure works and projects serving tourism development, such as artificial beaches, among others.

In addition, the island district encourages local residents and travelers to join hands in using environmentally friendly materials, contributing to building Con Co into a green, clean and beautiful island.

Source: VNA

Translated by Minh Anh