Tourists interested in feeding parrots

Tourists are keen on watching colorful feathers, seeing bird dance, and feeding the parrots when taking part in the tour.

Quang Ninh is striving to become a tourist destination in all four seasons by offering numerous unique and creative services to tourists. “Sky bird dance” tour is among them. The tour features birds’ performances and is held at 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. every day in Sun World Ha Long. It is the first-ever tour in the Northern region.

Visitors seemed to be immersed in the world of precious birds of all continents around the world instead of looking at precious birds from afar or through glass cages and iron frames as usual. They were delighted to watch the flying performances with colorful feathers.

They can also watch the powerful bait by an eagle under the guidance of a trainer or watch the hawk Harris from Argentina fly through the circles skillfully.

With a colorful avo parrot on hand, Ms. Nguyen Van Anh from Cam Pha (Quang Ninh) excitedly said that she was really impressed with the performance of the birds and felt happier because she can see them right in Quang Ninh province. Previously, she only knew about similar tours in large conservation parks in other countries around the world.

Sun World Ha Long has already become attractive, now it is even more attractive to tourists with this tour, she added. This tour will help attract more tourists to Ha Long Bay in the autumn-winter season, she affirmed.

Translated by Trung Thanh