The VITM 2018 also drew the participation of representatives of ministries, agencies, localities, travel agencies and international friends.

Deputy-PM Dam addressing the opening ceremony

Speaking at the event, Deputy-PM Dam affirmed that Vietnam's tourism has achieved impressive development in recent years. Accordingly, tourism is not only an economic spearhead of Vietnam, but also a bridge to increase solidarity, friendship and mutual understanding among countries, he added.

He highly praised efforts and contributions of the tourism industry and hoped that the enterprises, services and agencies would jointly promote the sector’s development in the coming time.

A corner of the VITM 2018 fair

Themed “Online tourism – Vietnam moves towards Industry 4.0”, this year's fair aims to take full advantage of information technology and others to create connections of government to government, organization to organization, and people to people to promote the tourism industry.

The fair saw the participation of650 enterprises from 43 cities and provinces across the country and from 18 countries and territories. The fair featured various products, including more than 40,000 discounted air tickets and 15,000 discounted package tours. Especially, some agencies also launched programs for “hunting” zero-cost tours, with 1,000 inbound and outbound tickets and cards to use their services, with savings of up to 30 per cent compared to their regular prices.

With the orientation to boost all three travel pillars, including outbound, inbound and domestic, the VITM 2018 is an excellent opportunity for domestic and foreign businesses to introduce their products, boost the tourism brands, and open up opportunities for cooperation, contributing to promoting the image of the country and people to international friends as well as enhancing the position of Vietnam's tourism in the region and world.

The VITM 2018 fair will run until April 1.

Translated by Lam Anh