The event, held by the Tourism Department and the Tourism Association of Ho Chi Minh City, looked into the development of banh mi throughout history.

Delegates said promotion activities should be organized to bring banh mi closer to tourists. (Photo:

Experts said banh mi has become a famous food mentioned by multiple domestic and foreign magazines. For example, CNN Travel described the street food as “one of Vietnam's most famous exports” while Fodor Travel called it one of the world’s 30 must-try sandwiches.

Dr. Ho Van Tuong, a culture expert, said derived from France’s baguette, banh mi has been made a world-famous food by generations of Vietnamese and become a source of pride of Vietnamese people.

It is now present in almost all eating places, from vendor stalls to luxury restaurants, he noted.

To make use of the brand of Vietnam’s banh mi for tourism development, some tourism organizations suggested Ho Chi Minh City create websites on this food in many languages to introduce it further to international friends.

Production and business establishments should boost promotion activities to bring banh mi closer to tourists. Meanwhile, authorities need to popularize the signature sandwich of Vietnam via tourism and culinary TV shows while increasing management of food safety. Banh mi can also be offered as a fast food to travelers who join tours, they suggested.

Source: VNA