At the event

In these cultural spaces, tourists learned more about local agricultural and forestry products, fine art and handicrafts, and brocade products made by H’Mong, Thai, and Dao ethnic minorities.

They also had a chance to taste  “thang co” (H’ Mong traditional dish), drink liquor distilled from fermented corn, and learn more about the local cultural features via pan-pipe and singing performances.

They were also able to visit a photo exhibition highlighting Hoang Su Phi district in the northernmost province of Ha Giang as a beautiful paradise.

Tourists were also entertained with folk dance performances, in praise of the country, national identities, and national reunification. They were performed by 15 Thai ethnic minority artisans.

The cultural spaces were run by 100 people from 14 ethnic minorities and a number of artists from the Vietnam Puppetry Theater.

Translated by Song Anh