Built on an area of over 3,433 hectare, the man-made lake accumulates about 334 million cubic meters of water and consists of more than 30 islets of different sizes and shapes, such as Khi (Monkey), Rua (Turtle), and Su which are considered “Green oases” with different kinds of trees and flowers.

Phu Ninh Lake is considered the "Green Pearl" of the central region.

Situated in the middle of a large protection forest, the weather in the area is cool all-year-around and fauna and flora are abundant and diversified, including those in the Vietnam Red Book. The lake is a perfect place for those who want to escape from the stress and hustle and bustle of the city life.

Phu Ninh Lake surely wows visitors at the first glance with lyrical landscapes, fresh air, spectacular forest, and clean blue water. The atmosphere is so quiet and fresh that tourists can hear their breath and movements of creatures in the lake. Taking in a deep breath, they can relieve all tiredness.

It is more interesting to row boats with friends or family members on the lake while enjoying the poetic landscapes. It takes just around ten minutes to reach an islet where tourists are immersed in the nature and experience interesting activities, such as camping, team building, singing, fishing, and cooking.

The perfect time to visit Phu Ninh Lake is summer when rhodomyrtus tomentosa flowers are in full bloom embracing the lake. The quintessential and natural beauty of the area make tourists feel comfortable and relaxed.

To serve long-stay tourists, the Phu Ninh Lake Eco-Tourism Resort offers good services ranging from accommodation, food to leisure activities. More especially, they can have adventurous and thrilling zipline experiences. Riding 750m on high-speed zipline cabs from the Da Den Mountain to island 61, tourists can have a bird-eye view of the spectacular mountains and Phu Ninh Lake. At the finishing point, they can return to the starting point by boats. They can also row boats by themselves on the lake.

Many tourists have chosen Phu Ninh Lake for their weekend getaways to get refreshment and new energy to start a new, prosperous and happy week.

Translated by Tran Hoai