A tourists' boat on Hoa Binh Lake. Photo: baohoabinh.com.vn

The construction planning aims to put into details the overall development blueprint for the tourism site to 2030, the regional construction planning and related planning, with a view to developing the site into a key destination in the northern mid-land and mountainous region with unique tourism products associated with the Muong ethnic culture and the rich ecological system in the lake.

The tasks for the planning include defining the directions for land use, social and technical infrastructure, environmental sanitation, and services for the tourism site. The planning should also design connectivity between the site and other scenic spots and tourism sites in the region.

The planning should show how to optimize the exploitation of the values of local landscape, ethnic culture and local identity for tourism development at the site, while creating a legal foundation for the site’s management and development as well as for the implementation of other projects and planning schemes.

Under the approved planning tasks, the Hoa Binh Lake national tourism site is located in Hoa Binh city and four districts of Da Bac, Cao Phong, Tan Lac and Mai Chau.

Hoa Binh Lake will be the main tourism site of the northern mid-land and mountainous region. Besides offering tourism products associated with the local Muong ethnic culture and the lake’s ecological system, the site also has many functions such as generating electricity, providing water, controlling flood and preserving water resources.

Source: VNA