The creative YouTubers have acted as online “tour guides” providing viewers with insights into the beauty of Vietnamese culture, food, and people and the country’s natural landscapes after trips to various destinations.

Hue, one of the famous tourist attractions in Vietnam.

The owner of the Cheri Hyeri channel is Kim Hyeri, 27, a graduate of the Vietnamese language Department at the Republic of Korea (RoK)’s University of Foreign Studies. Her channel currently has 1.1 million subscribers. With an affection for Vietnam, she set up the channel to introduce Vietnamese culture and tourism, the Lao Dong newspaper reported.

Kim said she misses and hopes to return to Vietnam as it is a beautiful and welcoming country. Her videos on Vietnamese tourism, culture, and people have garnered huge attention from young people not only in the Republic of Korea but also from many other countries around the world.

Vietnam Meets Dustin has become familiar to avid travellers in recent years. The channel has more than 600,000 likes and features the rustic life of Vietnamese people. Its owner is Dustin Cheverier, 33, from California.

Falling in love with Vietnam’s countryside, Dustin has been promoting the country for more than four years. In his videos, he said that when he arrived in Vietnam for the first time he was blown away by its stunning and serene beauty. The countryside made a strong impression on him and become an endless source of inspiration for his videos.

Cee Jay, meanwhile, actually lives in Vietnam. His videos on food and travel in the country have caught the attention of many netizens. Vietnam captures the hearts of many visitors, he said, and he considers it his second home.

According to Statista, a channel specializing in providing information on social networks, YouTube is the world’s second-largest social media platform, with about 2 billion users each month, and has become an important source of information for nearly 60 percent of travelers globally when seeking travel inspiration, choosing destinations, and sharing experiences.

Vietnam currently ranks fourth in the world in terms of time on YouTube and is one of the five largest markets of the social media platform.

Many young YouTubers have chosen to make videos introducing tourist attractions in Vietnam. Apart from foreign YouTubers, young Vietnamese who are avid travelers also contribute to promoting their homeland through emotional videos.

“Besides exploring, I would like to convey my positive energy with young people and share the experience of travel,” said Le Truong Huy (nicknamed Huy Hay Di), a famous travel blogger.

Beyond introducing their own experiences, the foreign YouTubers have helped promote Vietnamese tourism to foreign friends and tourists.

Source: VNA