They are the results of the over three years of implementing the national target program on socio-economic development in mountainous and ethnic minority areas for the 2021-2030 period with the first phase in the 2021-2025 period (Program 1719 in short).

O Lam, a mountainous commune of Tri Ton district, is mostly populated by Khmer ethnic minority people (over 98 percent). After more than three years of implementing Program 1719, the material and spiritual life of local people has been increasingly improved. The commune now has long straight concrete roads and steady houses. Attentively, many poor households have escaped from poverty thanks to the State’s housing, production land, and capital support.

The family of Chau Rothy in Phuoc Binh hamlet, O Lam commune has stable income from the cow-breeding model with capital support from Program 1719.

Chau Soc Sa, a reputable person in Phuoc Binh hamlet, O Lam commune, said that in the past, degraded roads in the hamlet were often flooded in rainy season, and dusty in dry season, making it difficult for people to travel. Thanks to the support from the Program 1719, all the roads now are built with concrete and locals are all happy.

Together with rural roads, the commune also has more spacious, clean and beautiful schools; upgraded revolutionary historical relic sites; recovered traditional trades and local people have enjoyed raised income.

According to Vice Chairman of O Lam commune People's Committee Chau Phi Rom, with the capital from Program 1719 and other programs and projects, O Lam commune has prioritized support for housing, fresh water, trade shifting, infrastructure building, livelihoods diversification, and vocational training, helping local people develop production, stabilize their life.

In Le Tri commune, Tri Ton district, effective realization of policies has facilitated poor and near-poor households’ access and benefits from programs, including Program 1719, so that their living standard has been improved much.

In 2023, the commune repaired four roads, dredged 4,419m of drainage system, supported 62 disadvantaged families in house building and repairs, and helped build four domestic water projects in ethnic hamlets namely Soc Tuc, An Thanh, Trung An with the total investment of dozens of billions Vietnam dong.

Actually, Program 1719 has a great significance and impacts in efforts to improve the life of the Khmer ethnic minority people.

Chairman of Tri Ton district People's Committee Nguyen Van Be Tam said that by the end of March 2024, the district disbursed over VND 40.3 billion from the fund of Program 1719.

Along with investing in infrastructure development and poverty reduction livelihood models, Tri Ton district has well taken care of policy beneficiary families, and disadvantaged people. By the end of 2023, the district had 2,164 poor households, accounting for 6.47%, of which there were 1,598 poor ethnic minority households, accounting for 14.35% of the total number of ethnic minority households.

With the cooperation of the entire political system and the people's determination to escape poverty, ethnic minority areas in Tri Ton district have enjoyed economic development,  and local people's lives have been increasingly improved, contributing to promoting the cultural identity of the Khmer ethnic minority people, preserving the great national unity bloc in the locality.

Translated by Mai Huong