Mo Pho is the name of a small café located in Yen Lang street, Dong Da district, Hanoi. Its owner is Doctor Ngo Tuan Anh, a staff of Central Military Hospital 108, and the President of the Volunteer Doctors’ Association.

Students participate in a free Mo Pho-opened first aid class.

Opened in 2017, Mo Pho has spent all profit from the sale of drinks on charitable community-oriented activities of the Volunteer Doctors’ Association.

Up to now, Mo Pho has carried out five community-oriented projects. Among them, the most prominent and attractive is the Mo Pho Health project which focuses on providing free health care, medical examination and medicines for disadvantaged people every Saturday morning.

Participating doctors are those working at many big hospitals in Hanoi which are equipped with modern medical machinery, best for medical examination.

Doctor Ngo Tuan Anh said that every Monday night, the project volunteers go to places where many disadvantaged people are living to distribute medical check-ups coupons. Initially, the number of coupons was quite large, but the number of people coming to the café for health examination was very limited. However, more patients come to it now.

Alongside the Mo Pho Health project, the Volunteer Doctors’ Association also operates free first aid classes for students from grades 1 to 12 every Sunday morning. In this class, doctors form the Volunteer Doctors' Association directly give lectures and guide students to practice first aid skills. This activity helps students gain knowledge and improve their handling ability when encountering accidents and injury situations.

Student Nguyen Minh Anh from Dong Da district, Hanoi shared that “joining the class, I have learned skills to handle situations such as bleeding, burns, sprains, heatstroke, broken bones, electric shock, choking and drowning, and more. If I and everyone around me have an accident, I think I can handle it confidently because I have knowledge of it."

At Mo Pho café, apart from prescription, and medicines, the project’s doctors also give advice to patients suffering from serious illnesses to have further health examination and receive treatment methods at big hospitals.

Over the past 5 years, Mo Pho has accompanied thousands of people with difficulties in life. During this humanitarian journey, Mo Pho has contributed to creating a community of more than 200 doctors and nurses who are full of compassion and love.

Translated by Chung Anh