Bao Khanh and Huong Mai (First and second from the left)

Overseas Vietnamese students have had some community projects attract international charity and social organisations.

Mother Nature

Nguyen Huynh Thuat is working at Cat Tien National Park. He is about to go to Japan to get a second degree in rural development at the Tokyo Agriculture and Technology University under a Japanese government scholarship.

Working at Cat Tien National Park, besides his major job, Huynh Thuat has contributed to building an environmental education strategy and activities for the park, compiling teaching documents and teaching at local general schools, teaching locals how to protect the forest, etc.

In 2007, Thuat was the youngest delegate to speak at an international workshop of UNESCO on sustainable management of biological reserves in Southeast Asia (Ecotone-SeaBRnet 2007) in China and an international workshop of the United Nations in Vietnam (UN DESD).

Thuat’s website will be launched soon to raise people’s awareness of the environment, especially the young.

Online bookcase on environment

Pham Thuy Duong is studying at Kuopio University in Finland. Under the assistance of Green Leaves group, Duong opened an ebook library and collected Internet links about the environment and education.

The Green Leaves group was set up to diffuse information about education, sciences and the environment to everyone. The group built an online bookcase at and one blog at

This young girl who loves reading, writing blogs has a very simple dream: becoming a teacher of environmental and sustainable development in Vietnam.

Supporting patients with Down syndrome

Nguyen Xuan Huong Mai and Nguyen Bao Khanh are studying at Singapore National University. Huong Mai is a third-year student of sociology while Bao Khanh studies public relations.

The two are trying to call for the community’s support to realise their one-year project to help children with Down syndrome.

The two students went to Alaska, US this May on a work and travel programme.

These project designers have been invited to the 4th World Youth Congress held by Peace Child International in Canada from August 10-21.

Source: VietNamNet Bridge