Coming from Thai Binh, Lan Anh followed in her family's footsteps as a teacher to contribute to the education in highland. For her, there are not many difficulties in the profession, as teaching is her passion.

Teacher Tran Lan Anh and students

According to Lan Anh, the difficulties mainly come from the students’ side. Many students give up their study because of their families’ hard conditions. Some lose their motivation to go to school. This fact has always been in her thought and urged her to find solutions. With great efforts, she has helped many students overcome obstacles to continue their study.

Pham Kien Cuong, Vice Headmaster of the Thanh An commune Secondary School, shared that accompanying the school since the first days of its establishment, Lan Anh is a talented teacher and has always tried her best to make positive changes in teaching and learning methods, and facilitate an environment for students’ ethical and mental development. In 2023, she was the first teacher in the school to receive the Excellent Teacher title.

Applying technology and innovating modern teaching methods are almost a barrier for many people aged 47; however, Lan Anh regards them as interesting challenges, affirming her capability and passion for teaching. To help students not be afraid of Mathematics, she considered patience the secret. She tried to find teaching methods suitable for each group of students, helping them acquire knowledge in an easy and effective manner.

According to Lan Anh, Mathematics is a combination of theory and practice. She creates conditions for students to experience and apply knowledge to practice. This helps students develop creativity, logical thinking and skills to solve problems.

Meanwhile, she supported and trained other teachers, especially young ones. She not only shares experience and teaching methods but she also gives specific guidance, helping them become good teachers, contributing to the education sector of Dien Bien province.

The trust and sentiments of colleagues, students, and their families have proven her efforts and educational achievements over the past three decades. All of these things also showed her only wish to make Dien Bien's education sector increasingly innovate and further develop.

Translated by Quynh Oanh