(Photo for illustration: petrotimes.vn)

The project also looks to enhance Vietnam’s reputation in the field of human rights in the national, regional and global arena.

The project will cover 63 provinces and cities across the country, countries with large Vietnamese community, priority partners in external relations expansion, and areas where international human rights organisations are based such as New York, Geneva, and Bangkok.

Under the project, by 2028, 100% of State administrative agencies implement the spokesperson mechanism and regularly provide human rights-related information to the press, while 100% of State officials working in human rights, communication and information and external information work as well as 70% officials holding key positions in socio-political organisations at central and provincial levels are kept up to date with human right situation in Vietnam and receive training on human rights communications.

A series of exhibitions on human rights in Vietnam will be held in all 63 localities and a number of foreign localities, 1,000 book titles on human rights will be published and re-published, and the forms of mass communication products will be diversified. The proportion of media products in ethnic and foreign languages as well as those on digital platforms will be raised to 15% to 20% of the total number human rights-related media products.

Another goal is to digitize and popularize on cyber space 100% of statistics and media products produced under the project, while efforts will be made to minimize fake and wrongful information on human rights.

At the same time, Vietnam will strive to complete the implementation of accepted international recommendations on the strengthening of communications on human rights, while increasing the popularization of international law regarding human rights as well as the Party and State’s policies and laws in the field.

The project will encourage the popularization of moral value, humanity and other positive values and fine traditions.

Source: VNA