Vietnam currently ranks fourth in the world in marine pollution. (Photo for illustration: tuoitrethudo)

Vietnam currently ranks fourth in the world in marine pollution with nearly 40,000 tons of domestic solid waste discharged by 28 coastal provinces and cities each day, DAV Deputy Director Nguyen Hung Son said, adding that meanwhile, the country lacks extensive research studies on marine pollution and assessment of its impacts on security and national defense.

He noted that even though Vietnam has proactively coordinated with international organisations, including the UNDP, on ocean plastic waste, but bilateral cooperation in the field remains modest.

Son said he believes that fighting marine pollution is a suitable content for cooperation between Vietnam and France, which suits the common interests of the two countries and reflects the development of bilateral cooperation in economy, development and regional security, especially in non-traditional security issues.

At the event, participants presented their ideas to bolster mutual understanding and highlight the priorities of the two countries regarding non-conventional security issues in the region so as to seek practical measures to boost cooperation in the coming time.

They called on France to share outcomes of research studies on the East Sea (South China Sea) with Vietnam, provide equipment to serve deep-sea research activities and arrange training courses.

Source: VNA