Head of the ministry's Department of Information Technology Do Truong Duy said that to date the preparation work for the issuance has been completed.

At the meeting

The passport will be available on PC Covid-19 or Digital Health (So suc khoe dien tu) apps.  If people don’t have the apps, they can get their passports by accessing the health ministry's portal and filling in necessary information. They will then receive the passports by email.

People will not be able to get vaccine passports in cases their vaccination information is wrong or they’re not fully vaccinated, Duy said, adding that people should re-check their vaccination information themselves to report errors.

Vietnam's vaccine passport entails information like one's name, date of birth, the disease which they're vaccinated against, the number of shots and the date of vaccination. Data will be encoded into a QR code.

The QR code will expire after 12 months. Following their expiry, people will be notified and a new QR code will be created instead.

According to the ministry, as of April 3, Vietnam had administered over 206.5 million vaccine doses.

The ministry and localities are preparing to vaccinate children aged between 5-11 in early April.

Source: VNA