According to the Government Information Security Commission, in 2021, more than 45,000 out of 76,977 cyber attacks on some key network systems were carried out in the form of exploiting vulnerabilities. There were about 14,000 network scanning attacks, more than 12,000 targeted attacks, more than 7,300 authentication attacks, nearly 7,000 malware attacks, and about 650 denial-of-service attacks.

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Major reasons behind the problem was the use of software without copyright, and users’ lack of awareness of cybersecurity.

So far this year, the commission has detected more than 48,600 attacks targeting major networks, which means the number of cyber attacks is still rising, bringing more threats to the process of digital Government building and the development of digital economy and society.

In order to ensure information security in the future, Pham Minh Tuan, deputy head of the Cyber Security Assessment section under the Government Information Security Commission’s Center for Information Technology and Cyber Security Monitoring, underlined that it is necessary to focus on ensuring the security of critical information at each level of the information system.

It is crucial to apply comprehensive measures to protect information security, including information security monitoring, assessing and effectively responding to information security incidents, he stressed.

Highlighting the increasingly dangerous cyber attacks due to the use of higher technologies, Nguyen Minh Hai, a technology solution expert from Fortinet Vietnam said that information security protection solutions should be applied differently in accordance with different levels and types of information networks.

Ensuring information safety and security is a prerequisite in ensuring the sustainable existence of all organisations and businesses in the digital age, he stressed.

The Vietnam Security Summit 2022, held for the fourth time, drew over 40 industry leaders. Running in parallel with the conferences, a vibrant international expo offered an abundance of forward-thinking technologies from over 50 trusted IT vendors.

Source: VNA