The event was held to review outcomes of the implementation of the Prime Minister’s decision on the issuance of a plan issued on March 20, 2020 to implement the GCM agreement.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs To Anh Dung speaks at the event.

Speaking at the conference, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs To Anh Dung said that the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to leave negative impacts on all countries and the globe as a whole so the issues on the overseas migration of Vietnamese citizens and Vietnam’s management of migration discussed at this meeting was important, helping point out difficulties in the migration management, seeking solutions to the problems, improve the efficiency of the plan, improve the capacity of competent agencies for managing international migration in the post-pandemic period.

The Vietnamese official also pledged that Vietnam will responsibly implement the GCM agreement, contributing to safe, order and regular migration for the rights and benefits of migrates, particularly women and children.

The Vietnam approved the GCM in December 2018, and this year the Prime Minister signed a decision on March 20, to issue a plan to implement the GCM agreement. The plan includes such major tasks as promoting communications work, collecting information and data on international migration, improving policies and laws, studying migration policies, and boosting international cooperation in the field.

Translated by Song Anh