Twenty-three hospitals qualified for organ transplantation in Vietnam (Photo for illustration)

Organ transplantation is recognized as one of the 10 greatest science and technological inventions that changed the lives of mankind in the 20th century. This technique has helped prolong the lives of millions of patients worldwide.

The first successful kidney transplant in Vietnam was made at the Military Medical University on June 4, 1992, which marked the start of organ transplantation in the country. After that, the country began transplanting liver in 2004, heart in 2010, kidney-pancreas in 2014, and lung in 2017.

“Organ transplantation is one of the greatest medical attainments. It has saved the lives of patients who are infected with incurable diseases,” Khue said. It proved that Vietnam can perform all difficult techniques related to organ transplantation, he added.

Statistics from Vietnam Society of Organ Transplantation showed that Vietnam has successfully carried out 6,550 organ transplants, including 6,094 kidney, 384 liver, 59 heart and nine lung transplants from 1992 to March 31 this year.

Source: VNA