PM Pham Minh Chinh, who is also head of the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, made the statement while chairing a national hybrid conference reviewing the pandemic fight.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh (center) speaks at the national hybrid conference on October 29. 

Participants in the event shared the view that COVID-19 is an unprecedented, complex, and unpredictable global pandemic. Facing the urgent need to protect people’s lives and health, ensure social security, and boost socio-economic development, right and timely decisions appropriate to each stage of the pandemic have been issued, enabling Vietnam to slow down the spread, prevent the outbreak, and gradually curb the disease in a short period of time.

The pandemic has been brought under control nationwide. People of all social strata put their trust in the Party and State’s policies on the pandemic fight. The results of COVID-19 prevention and control have substantially contributed to socio-economic recovery in most areas, they said.

WHO Representative in Vietnam Angela Pratt addresses the meeting. 

Angela Pratt, Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Vietnam, highly valued the country’s achievements in the COVID-19 combat and noted its response to the pandemic is a model for other countries.

Highlighting six lessons and factors of the country’s success, which led to the recent downgrade of COVID-19 from a Group A infectious disease to a Group B one, she said Vietnam showed strong capacity of detecting, tracing, zoning and phasing out the disease; a very effective combination of border measures and appropriate hotspot lockdown; good health care capacity, enabled by many dedicated and skilled health care workers; the very effective vaccination rollout; good engagement of the community broader society in the response; and especially very strong, clear and committed government leadership in the pandemic combat.

Reviewing the unforgettable moments of the combat, the PM said the COVID-19 fight demonstrated the solidarity and patriotism of the entire nation.

He held that Vietnam has recorded fruitful results thanks to a right mindset that puts people’s health and lives first and above all, considers people as the centre and key player of the fight, and views the victory over the pandemic as the victory of people.

He attributed the success to the timely leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Party Central Committee, and the Politburo with Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong giving frequent and direct orders; the strong directions from the Government, the PM, and the National Steering Committee; the support from the State President and the National Assembly, the coordination from the Vietnam Fatherland Front; the drastic, unanimous, and consistent actions by all-level administration; people and businesses’ support, trust, and active participation; along with assistance from international friends.

On behalf of the Party and State leaders, Pham Minh Chinh appreciated efforts by all-level authorities, sectors, localities, the steering committees for COVID-19 fight, and especially health workers, military and public security soldiers, and other frontline forces.

He also took this occasion to thank other countries and international organizations for supporting Vietnam in the fight against the pandemic.

Pointing out several lessons, the Government leader asked ministries and sectors, particularly the Ministry of Health, to continue perfecting regulations, mechanisms, and policies to meet anti-epidemic requirements in all circumstances; develop preventive and grassroots health systems; and reform policies and methodology on the training of medical workers to ready manpower for combating epidemics, especially workers at the grassroots level and in disadvantaged, remote, mountainous, border, maritime, and ethnic minority areas.

He also demanded decent treatment for health workers be ensured; the pharmaceutical industry, vaccines, biologicals, medical equipment, and traditional medicine developed; and information technology application to epidemic forecasting and healthcare management boosted.

The PM requested ministries, sectors, and localities press on with settling pandemic consequences; stabilizing people’s life, especially pandemic victims, including orphans; deal with outstanding problems; and rewarding those with remarkable performance in the combat.

At the meeting, he also affirmed that the steering committees for COVID-19 prevention and control at all levels have excellently fulfilled their duties and now wrap up their role.

Source: VNA