Dinh Van Chien (left) receives a certificate of merit. (Photo: vietnamnet.vn)

In his letter, the leader praised Chien’s quick-witted, skillful, and brave action to save three people from a life-threatening situation on a road on Tam Dao Pass on May 29 afternoon.

The President also expressed admiration for Chien’s saving of many others on this road.

He stressed that Chien’s action is a bright example of bravery to help those in distress, noting that this is one of many good virtues of the Vietnamese people and deserves commendation and multiplication in the community.

The leader took this occasion to call on commuters to further improve their awareness and sense of responsibility while moving on roads and to assist others when necessary.

President Phuc also demanded relevant agencies press on with measures to minimize traffic accidents and improve commuters’ awareness and skills, thereby helping guarantee social order and safety for the sake of a peaceful and happy life for all.

Source: VNA