The country has controlled the spread of the pandemic, it wrote, and had recorded over 200 cases but no fatalities by the end of March thanks to the Government’s rapid response.

In a quarantine area

It mentioned the closure of all schools, the suspension of all flights, the application of a 21-day quarantine period for an entire commune in Vinh Phuc province, where many workers came from China's Wuhan city - the epicentre of the epidemic, and mandatory quarantine measures for people coming from overseas as among the effective measures adopted by the Government.

Vietnam, unlike wealthy countries in Asia, cannot conduct COVID-19 tests on all of its citizens and so focuses instead on basic measures such as selective testing and controlling the situation, which have been lauded by the international community, the article noted.

It stated that Vietnam has been a role model for many other countries on how to contain the coronavirus at a minimum cost.

Source: VNA