The Ho Chi Minh City Child Welfare Association (HCWA) and the Justice Initiatives Facilitation Fund of the EU Legal and Judicial Empowerment Programme in Vietnam (EU JULE JIEF) jointly kick-started the project.

At the launching ceremony

Pham Dinh Nghinh, Vice President of the HCWA, said the project will also review proposals of competent agencies regarding education and employment for children, thus making the best preparations for them before they leave the social sponsoring centers.

The project, therefore, focuses on connecting these centres with concerned organizations and agencies in this issue.

Members of the project will make video clips, carry out communications activities at the social sponsoring facilities, compile relevant documents, and conduct surveys to explore children’s demand and strength.

According to the HCWA, the city has given priorities to disadvantaged children, as reflected through a wide range of activities aiming to promote their all-round development organised over the past years.

Source: VNA