The program’s overall goal is to ensure effective control of the pandemic, contain the coronavirus spread in the community, practice maximum protection of people’s health and lives, minimize severe COVID-19 cases and deaths, and boost socio-economic recovery and development.

A health worker prepares to administer COVID-19 vaccine to laborers at an industrial park in Bac Giang province.

Among the detailed targets, the program aims that by the end of the first quarter of 2022, Vietnam will have finished administering the second vaccine doses to people aged 12 and under 18, and the third doses to those aged 18 and above, except for the ones with a contraindication to vaccination. It looks to ensure sufficient vaccine supply and complete the inoculation of children aged 5 and under 12 by September 2022.

Besides, administrations at all levels have to devise anti-COVID-19 plans, and all people comply with suitable pandemic prevention and control measures. The country will also strive to reduce the mortality rate per 1 million people to less than the average in Asia.

Under the program, Vietnam will work to improve the capacity of the healthcare system, especially preventive medicine and grassroots health care; increase investment in medical supplies and infrastructure; give appropriate treatment policies to those working in preventive medicine and grassroots health care; and enhance the emergency aid and intensive care quality at all-level medical establishments.

Apart from implementing COVID-19 vaccination as fast as possible, it will quickly consider the inoculation of the fourth vaccine doses for adults, the third doses for people aged 5 and under 18, and vaccination for children aged 3 - 5.

The best possible conditions will be created to speed up vaccine manufacturing and production technology transfer, apply the national population database to update information about the vaccinated people, monitor the COVID-19 vaccine coverage, and distribute vaccines in a reasonable and effective manner.

In addition, Vietnam will keep a close watch on the pandemic situation in the country and the world while making timely amendments and  supplements, and updating specialised guidelines to ensure safe and flexible adaptation to, effective control of the pandemic, and socio-economic recovery and development, according to the programme.

Source: VNA