In 2019, the forest coverage in Ninh Thuan stood at 45.59 percent. At present, the province has more than 155,400 ha of forest and around 48,790 ha of land designated for forest planting.

The local forestry sector said there are large areas of barren land and hills in the province, particularly in coastal areas in Thuan Bac, Ninh Hai, Ninh Phuoc and Thuan Nam districts, which face the threat of desertification.

Planting trees in Nui Chua National Park, Ninh Thuan

This year the province plans to plant 505 ha of protective and special-use forests and 320 ha of replacement forest besides 561,800 scattered trees.

Duong Dinh Son, deputy director in charge of the provincial forest ranger bureau said a prolonged drought since early this year has caused difficulties to forestation and forest care. Forestry businesses have got young trees and necessary materials as well as land conditions ready in order to immediately start tree planting when weather conditions permit.

Forest owner businesses have been mobilizing local communities to engage in forest protection and development projects, while intensifying coordination with relevant forces in preventing and curbing the illegal exploitation and trading of forest products.

The provincial authority has promoted the model of creating livelihoods for local residents in connection with forest protection through signing contracts with residents to care for local forests, developing eco-tourism in forest areas, and guiding farmers in growing fruit trees or raising animals in forests.

Thanks to the concerted measures, forest destruction for farming or forest fire in Ninh Thuan has been reduced remarkably.

Source: VNA