PANO – Ship SAR 27-01 of the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre Region IV (Nha Trang MRCC) towed a troubled fishing ship to the Nha Trang port, Khanh Hoa province, on October 7th.

Previously, trawler BD97153-TS, captained by Nguyen Ngoc Hung from Binh Dinh province, with 11 fishermen on board, went adrift about 110 nautical miles from the port.

Upon receiving the news, the centre sent its ship to the scene. However, due to high waves and strong winds, it took the rescuers over 12 hours to approach the distressed ship.

* Earlier, trawler KH93168-TS of Vo Manh Tuan from Nha Trang city went adrift in bad weather due to engine failure while fishing at high sea. Fortunately, two other nearby ships promptly took it to the Hon Ro port in Nha Trang city on October 8th.

According to the Khanh Hoa provincial Border Guard Command, all crew members’ health is in good condition.

Translated by Pham Huy