At present, Phu Quoc National Park is managing 37,000 hectares of forests, including over 29,00 hectares of special-use forests, and nearly 8,000 hectares of protection ones.

Border guard troops protecting Phu Quoc National Park

This is one of the national parks in the southern region whose primeval forests are still kept intact.

In 2022, Phu Quoc National Park will continue focusing on forest protection, support tree planting with a goal of planting additional 20,000 scattered trees, and taking proactive measures to prevent forest fires.

According to the provincial Forest Protection Sub-Department, about 16,000 hectares of local forests are at risks of fires during the 2022 dry season. The province has allocated 4 billion VND (176,000 USD) to Phu Quoc National Park for forest fire prevention and fighting.

The southern province will also maintain efforts to detect and handle forestry-related violations.

Last year, over 150 violation cases involved in deforestation, forest encroachment, animal protection, illegal transportation of forest products, and illegal forest exploitation were uncovered and handled.

Source: VNA