At the meeting, the Vietnamese Ambassador spoke highly of support by Watanabe and the ACCL in general for child patients with cancer in Vietnam in the past 16 years, pledging to assist the organisation’s charitable activities in the country in the future.

At the meeting

For her part, Watanabe rejoiced at the recovery of many children with cancer who had received support. She voiced a hope to help patients not only in the central region but also other areas of Vietnam.

She also expressed her wish that Vietnam will soon bring COVID-19 under control so that socio-economic activities will return to normal and travel between Japan and Vietnam will resume.

Established in 2005, ACCL is a certified non-profit organization that works in Asia to support childhood cancer sufferers. Since then, the organisation has helped more than 600 child patients in Vietnam’s central region gain access to medical treatment.

In an interview with the Vietnam News Agency’s correspondent, Watanable said that her organization will continue to work with partners to provide children in Vietnam and Japan with timely treatment, as well as exert efforts to expand its activities in other Asian nations and across the globe.

Source: VNA