The event, including various meaningful activities such as a blood donation drive, a ceremony honoring 25 outstanding individuals in the blood donation movement and an awarding ceremony for winners of the writing contest “I volunteer 2018,” co-organized by "Nhan dao va Doi song" (Humanity and Life) Newspaper and the CP Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company, was held in response to the International Volunteering Day (December 5).

Winners of the writing contest “I volunteer 2018” honored

The International Volunteering Day each year is a chance to honor voluntary organizations and volunteers, who always live and work wholeheartedly for the sake of the community. As for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in general and the Vietnam Red Cross Society in particular, volunteers are the heart of the movements and play the key role in supporting the community.

In January 2019, the network of volunteers of the Vietnam Red Cross Society will be available in all 63 provinces and cities nationwide to further facilitate voluntary activities in the whole country.

* December 5 has been chosen by the United Nations as the International Volunteering Day to honor organizations and individuals with their outstanding contributions to voluntary work at the local, national and international levels to help reach the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Translated by Song Anh