It will be attended by domestic and foreign businesses and localities with strengths in ginseng, flavourings and medicinal herbs, including from Canada, the U.S., the Republic of Korea, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia.

Permanent deputy director of the HCM City Department of Foreign Affairs, Le Truong Duy, speaks at a press conference about the International Ginseng and Fragrance and Medicinal Herbs Festival. (Photo:

It will have hundreds of booths, a food court on Le Loi street, a seminar on ginseng and aromas and medicinal herbs (May 24) held at the Caravelle Hotel, and cultural and artistic exchange programs.

According to permanent deputy director of the city Department of Foreign Affairs Le Truong Duy, Vietnam has a lot of potential for growing ginseng, and many businesses in the city, a vibrant market, are in the industry.

The Vietnamese Government has specific goals including expanding the area under ginseng, increasing the production of Vietnamese ginseng to meet international standards with clear origin and investing and building facilities for semi-processing and deep processing of the root.

So the festival will focus on creating an environment for Vietnamese businesses, localities and international businesses with strengths in ginseng, flavourings and medicinal herbs to exchange and promote quality products that contribute to promoting trade, investment, tourism and brand promotion at home and abroad, he said.

“In terms of a national brand, Vietnam is still weak in positioning its ginseng in the international market. This festival aims to provide opportunities for domestic businesses for international cooperation and learning about ginseng farming, processing and exporting," he added.

Source: VNA