Ho Chi Minh City will apply social distancing measures under the Prime Minister's Directive 16 for 15 days starting 0am on July 9. 

In accordance with the directive, people must strictly follow strict social distancing rules. They are asked to stay at home and only go outside for essential trips such as buying food and medicines, or emergency care. Essential good delivery services are allowed.

Phong affirmed that the city has enough supply of goods and measures to distribute goods, ensuring stability and meeting the needs of the people.

The city authorities have requested the suspension of public transport, technology ride-hailing services and traditional motorbike taxis.

The Department of Health was asked to deploy a treatment plan for 10,000 - 20,000 COVID-19 infected cases.

According to a report by the department, from April 27 to 6pm on  July 7, the city recorded 8,151 coronavirus infections in the community, including 45 deaths. The city is currently treating 7,118 patients.

Source: VNA