The operation took place on February 21 at the military hospital. The lung donors (the patient’s father and uncle) have recovered from the operation while the lung-transplanted patient is under intensive care but his survival rate remains stable and good.

Doctors conducting the lung transplant operation

The Military Medical Hospital is widely known as Vietnam’s organ transplant centers, which has achieved much success in liver, heart, kidney and pancreas transplants. The academy took up a project on human lung transplant last year.

From June to October 2016, it drafted the project, sent its doctors to Japan to learn experience in lung transplant at Okayama University Hospital, and welcomed Japanese experts to Vietnam to share experiences and provide consultancy on knowledge and technology relating to lung transplant.

In November 2016, the military academy was tasked by the Ministry of Science and Technology to implement the project: “To transplant lobe of lung or a lung donated by living or brain-dead people,” coded KC.10.10/16-20, within the program “Applied study and development of advanced technologies to better care for public health.” The project was led by Major General, Professor, Doctor Do Quyet, Rector of the Military Medical Academy.

Since November 2016, the academy has actively prepared facilities, logistics, medicines, chemicals and techniques. It continued sending its surgeons to Japan to study and practice lung transplant operations. At the same time, it collaborated with other domestic healthcare institutions to find a patient with an indication for lung transplant.

On November 14, 2016, the academy held a consultation with the participation of domestic and international experts, deciding that the child patient suffered from an in-born bronchiectasis spreading over the lungs with critical symptoms of respiratory insufficiency, chronic cor pulmonale and third degree malnutrition, and had a clear indication for lung transplant.

Leaders of the academy explained to patient Ly Chuong’s family about the situation of his disease and the need for a lung transplant. They also asked the Health Ministry for a lung transplant operation at Military Hospital 103.

As mentioned above, the first human lung transplant carried out by the Military Medical Academy was successful. This has made a new big step forward in Vietnam’s organ transplantation sector, bringing more hope for patients in need for lung transplant.

Translated by Thu Nguyen