Currently, Vietnamese auto manufacturer VinFast has been a leading charging station infrastructure developer in the country with 150,000 charging ports across the country, with a density of 3.5km per station, ensuring an easy access for users.

Along with VinFast, other major developers include EVIDA and EBOOST. The Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has also joined this market with the formation of the central electronic measurement equipment manufacturing center.

A charging station of VinFast

Some car manufacturers such as Porsche, Audi and Mercedes-Benz have also set up their own charging station systems for their customers, but only with a limited number.

Meanwhile, many world leading firms in the field of charging station development such as Siemens, Charge+ and ABB have shown their interest in entering the Vietnamese market.

However, in order to deal with current problem facing the charging station development, insiders held that it is necessary for the State to provide support policies in the field.

Tran Quang Ha, Vice Director of the Department of Science, Technology and Environment under the Ministry of Transport (MoT), said that the synchronous development of EV charging stations is an important solution to boost the transition to EVs in Vietnam.

He said that the MoT has adjusted standards for rest stops, requiring them to install an EV charging station.

The ministry has proposed many policies to promote the expansion of charging stations, including the building of such stations in new infrastructure works such as parking areas, residential areas, and headquarters of administrative agencies.

A number of other support policies such as exemption of construction licenses and investment policy adjustments for the installation of charging stations have also been planned, he said.

Alongside, the ministry has proposed the policy to provide support in capital and interest rates as well as import tax rates for EV charging station equipment, and power price reduction for individuals and organizations engaging in the installation of EV charging stations, Ha added.

Authorized agencies also plan to offer financial support for the research and transfer of technologies in the field, thus enhancing businesses’ capacity in developing fast and wireless charging stations.

Some businesses suggested the exemption of equipment import tax and reduction of land rent and corporate income tax for EV charging station developers.

Source: VNA