The program was jointly implemented by the Ministry of Science and Technology in collaboration with Dong Do Hospital, youths in Son La province.

A doctor from Dong Do Hospital provides eye check-up for ethnic children in Tan Xuan commune, Van Ho district, northern Son La province.

During the three-day event, doctors from Dong Do Hospital and volunteers provided free medical examinations, treatment consultations and medicine to 300 villagers and children of all ages in Tan Xuan commune, Van Ho district.

The program also donated TVs to five schools and provided 100 gifts, including blankets, warm clothes, boots, socks and dental care sets to ethnic and minority students in the commune. It also donated 1,000 Bat Do bamboo seedlings and cash gifts to 10 households with difficult circumstances in the area.

Representatives of the Ministry of Science and Technology's Youth Union also organized a training course to transfer instructions on microbial organic composting to local residents.

“The program aims to give highland children a fuller and warmer winter, and at the same time, transfer agricultural knowledge to ethnic and minority people in the area. This is one of our practical activities with deep community meaning, spreading the humanistic meaning of good leaves protect torn leaves,” said a representative from Dong Do Hospital.

Source: VNA