Program Director of Aus4Skills program Graham Alliband and Rector of Tay Bac University Nguyen Van Bao at the MoU signing ceremony 
Tay Bac University is a regional university located in the economically-disadvantaged province of Son La. About 80% of its students are from ethnic minority groups. Its mission is to train highly-qualified human resources, conduct research, and provide economic and technical services for the development of the Northwestern region. In the context of education reform and international integration, Tay Bac University needs to strengthen its capacity to accomplish its mission.

“The Australian Government’s support will enable Tay Bac University to train a skilled workforce to better serve the labor market needs and support the economic and industrial growth of the region. This assistance will also help the university establish long-term partnerships with Australian universities,” said Dr. Nguyen Van Bao, Rector of Tay Bac University.

“We are committed to assisting Vietnam’s human resource development in various ways, including through our support for Tay Bac University,” said Australian Ambassador to Vietnam Craig Chittick. “We believe that with strengthened university management and reformed curricula and teaching methodology, Tay Bac University will be able to provide better academic support to nearly 4,000 ethnic minority students. This will increase the success rate of ethnic minority students at university and help them get better jobs,” he continued.

In September 2017, Aus4Skills will sign similar MoUs with Thai Nguyen University (TNU) and TNU's University of Agriculture and Forestry.

Aus4Skills is a five-year program providing support to Vietnam to achieve the shared goal that Vietnam accesses and uses high level professional and technical knowledge, skills and competencies to contribute to the country’s sustainable economic and social development.

Reported by Chung Anh