Hue and her former students have been traveling to remote communes of the province to build schools for local children, making the children’s dream of having spacious schools come true.

Up until now, they have built seven schools in remote mountainous villages of Son La province, bringing joy to the children there. On knowing that nearly 30 preschool students living in Huoi Duong and Ban San, two particularly disadvantaged villages in Na Bo commune of Mai Son district, had no classroom and often had to follow their parents to the fields, Hue and her former students decided to build the campus of Trung Thanh of Na Bo Kindergarten.

Teacher Dinh Thi Minh Hue and her students classify coursebooks donated to mountainous students.

Joining hands with Hue, Lo Van Long, the head of Trung Thanh village, and his family donated over 1,000 square meters of land and labor to speed up the construction. Having new classes with concrete constructed rooms, the students now no longer have to worry about heavy rains or frosty weather.

“Local people are overjoyed. The new school facilitates their children’s learning. Hue’s good deed has spread love and warmth to all the people of Na Bo,” Lo Van Long could not hide his happiness.

Looking at the dreamed classrooms up to the expectation of the local teachers and students, Principal of Na Bo Kindergarten Tu Anh said, “From now on, both teachers and students will have better conditions for teaching and learning. It is our great happiness when seeing the completed school and the Thai students studying and having fun here.”

Apart from building schools, Hue and her groups have also actively donated books, school bags and winter uniforms to day-boarders. “After participating in a friend’s voluntary program, I came up with the idea of building schools for mountainous students. When receiving a letter from the teachers at Ban San Kindergarten, my former students and I started our journey of building schools,” Hue said.

In addition to building schools, they have also actively raised piggy banks and charity fund to support day-boarders at Ia Pa district, Gia Lai province with lunches and school supplies.

New classrooms are coming out one by one, allowing teachers and students in remote villages to study and have fun. This is the motivation for Hue to continue her journey of love for beloved mountainous students.

Translated by Minh Hieu - Song Thuong - Hong Ngoc - Nhu Quynh