At the meeting (Photo: dangcongsan.vn)

At the event, Mr. Nghia emphasized the important role of Vietnamese representative agencies abroad, adding that they are the front-line force undertaking external information duty in foreign countries and the fastest and most efficient channel in transmitting domestic information to international friends and overseas Vietnamese communities.

Given the complicated developments of regional and global situations and the new requirement in ideology, dissemination, and external information work in the new situation, Mr. Nghia asked newly-appointed ambassadors and consuls general to thoroughly grasp and follow the views, policies and guidelines of the Party and State on foreign policy and external information.

He also requested them to proactively provide information, give recommendations on foreign policy, guideline, and information; continue to promote their role as an official, direct and responsive information channel, protecting the ideological foundation of the Party and State.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Nghia, other delegates, and chiefs of Vietnamese representative offices abroad in a joint photo

In addition, they should support domestic media and press agencies to expand international cooperation with international news and press agencies; pay attention to and do well the ideological work among cadres, party members and employees of representative offices in particular and the overseas Vietnamese community in the host country in general.

At the event, chiefs of Vietnamese representative agencies abroad were determined to fulfill all assigned missions.

Translated by Chung Anh