During the meeting, the Party committee presented a report on the implementation of the foreign policies adopted by the 13th National Party Congress. The report focused on assessing the current context and situations, highlighting significant achievements, identifying shortcomings, and pointing out lessons learned. They also proposed some content to be included in the foreign policy framework for the upcoming 14th National Party Congress.

Head of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Internal Affairs Phan Dinh Trac addressing the meeting

After listening to the report and the opinions from various participants, Trac commended the efforts and achievements of the Party committee. Despite facing severe challenges and difficulties, the foreign affairs activities were carried out in a comprehensive, flexible, and innovative manner, achieving many historic milestones. These efforts have had strategic and long-term importance, contributing to maintaining peace and stability, firmly protecting national independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, attracting external resources and creating favorable conditions for national development, and enhancing the country’s role and prestige in the world.

The working delegation took note of and compiled the recommendations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to report to the Subcommittee for Document Compilation for the 14th National Party Congress.

Translate by Trung Thanh