During a conference held in Hanoi on March 2, voters of the VFF Central Committee agreed that the two officials are qualified and meet the requirements of the Party's regulations and the State's law.

President of the VFF Central Committee Tran Thanh Man

Earlier, on February 25, the VFF’s Party Delegation convened a meeting where participants also consented to the nominations.

Speaking at the conference on March 2, Vice President of the VFF Central Committee Nguyen Huu Dung hoped that, if elected, the two officials would convey the aspirations of VFF chapters at all levels and voters nationwide to the NA.

Lenh pledged to, if elected, fulfill assigned tasks in line with Party and State's regulations and uphold a sense of responsibility in building laws and policies, contributing to national development in line with the resolution adopted by the 13th National Party Congress.

He hoped to continue receiving support from voters to accomplish tasks in his capacity as a Party official.

Source: VNA