Revisions to tax management and public investment laws are adopted with more than 90% of the votes in favor. Photo: NDO

During the day, lawmakers also debated the draft revised law on militia and self-defense forces, with opinions focusing on treatment for members of the militia and self-defense forces, the authority to set up militia and self-defense units in enterprises, militia and self-defense units in non-State and foreign-invested enterprises, the age and duration for serving in militia and self-defense forces, among others.

NA Vice Chairman Do Ba Ty required the law drafting and verifying agencies to study opinions and refine the draft law to send it to NA deputies for further feedback before submitting the draft to the NA for approval at the 8th session.

The draft revised law on securities was also tabled for discussion during the day, with most opinions agreeing to the need to revise the law to promote the development of the stock market, and create a more open, fair and transparent business environment meeting international standards and practices.

The draft law will be further refined before being submitted to the NA for approval at the 8th session.

The NA is scheduled to pass several more laws and resolutions before closing the 7th session on June 14.

Source: VNA