Promoting the national traditions “When drinking water, remember its source” of the Vietnamese people, President Vo Van Thuong, together with Party, State and provincial leaders paid tribute to the contribution of Hung Kings in the cause of national construction.

During the event, millions of Vietnamese people at home and abroad remembered Hung Kings’ contribution to the country.

State President offers incense in commemoration of Hung Kings.

Speaking at the event, Bui Van Quang, Chairman of Phu Tho Provincial People’s Committee read the Commemoration of the Hung Kings, expressing his deep tribute to the kings and the forefathers who have contributed to the cause of national construction and defense. He also reported great achievements that the whole Party and people gained in the cause of national renewal, integration and development.

Offering incense in tribute to ancestors

In 2022 and the first months of 2023, the world situation continues to develop complicatedly. In this situation, under the leadership of the Party, State, and the management of the government and National Assembly, together with great efforts of the whole nation, our country overcame difficulties and try our best to recover and develop the national socio-economy.

The Phu Tho provincial authorities and people will continue to promote the heroic traditions and patriotism, trying their best to protect the Fatherland.

At 6:30, the delegation moves to Nghia Linh Mountain.

After that, Party and State leaders offered incense at the Temple of Hung Kings and laid wreaths at a sculpted relief depicting President Ho Chi Minh talking to officers and soldiers of the Tien Phong (Pioneer) Division at Gieng Temple on September 19, 1954, where he said, “The Hung Kings established the country, we must together safeguard it.”

On the occasion, many activities and events were held in commemoration to Hung Kings.

The festival draws the participation of many people.

In order to ensure safety during the Hung Kings Temple Festival, at 6:00, nearly 1,000 military and public security troops and youths were mobilized to ensure security during the festival.

Translated by Minh Anh